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Default Building help

I was wondering what kind of stuff is required to build a computer. I know you need hard drive, processor, ram, case, motherboard, video card, what else is needed? I saw some thermal paste, is that required? I am also wondering if I need a cpu fan or a case fan? And whats the difference?

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Default Re: Building help

right well firtst of all u might wonna look here

but yh my basic check list goes.

Cd Drive
Graphics Card

most heatsinks come with thermal paste pre applied but if it doesnt state it then its a good idea to get some.
also if your Processor says OEM then u probably need a heatsink & fan but if its retail it usually comes with 1.
a case fan or 2 is a good idea jus to get some extra airflow.

and also a case fan is attatched to your case and allows air to come in or out of your case its personal preforance as to weather they blow in or out.

a CPU fan goes ontop of a heatsink which is a must on processor's if u dont plan to overclock your processor then the standard heatsink & fan will do just fine.

OEM usually means less aka a C2D e6600 OEM is probably just a processor
Retail usually means more aka a C2D e6600 Retail is probably a processor, heat sink (usually with thermal paste applied), and a fan.

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Default Re: Building help

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