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Default building gaming pc, which processor should i get?

i'm building a gaming pc, with a great video card, (almost 1000 stream processors, 1 gig of DDR5 memory), it will also have about 4 or 5 gigs of ram. What i am asking is which processor i should get. I am intending to use this pc for gaming. Not like video editing and stuff... just gaming. So one of the processors is default clocked at 3.0Gghz, and has a 4mb cache. The other is default clocked at 3.3Gghz and has a 2mb cache. I am aware that i can overclock them both. The one with the larger cache and lower clock is more expensive. So i am wondering which is better... to have a lower clock and higher cache, or a higher cache and lower clock? Oh, and they are both dual core. I am not exactly building a pc from scratch right now, i'm just upgrading the major components of my current motherboard, so my only socket option is 775, and those are the two best processors that my motherboard supports.

by the way, here are the links to the processors of you need more details:

3.3Gghz with 2mb cache: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applicati...?EdpNo=6689692

3.0Gghz with 4mb cache: http://cgi.ebay.com/Intel-Core-2-Duo...item2a049ca7f9

Just so you know, i am not at all worried about their prices. I am perfectly willing to buy the more expensive one if it is better. I'm just asking not to base your opinion on my wallet.

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Default Re: building gaming pc, which processor should i get?

in todays days, you cant just say that: 3hgz is better then 2,7 ghz. (only if it is the same cpu like comparing core i7 920 with a core i7 930)
there is something called architecture. a better architecture makes better cpu.
the core 2 due have the best architecture of those 2. dont buy the pentium cpu, it is old.... too old.
check out some benchmarks about those cpu's and compare them. i know for sure the core 2 due is gonna win. mainly becouse of the architecture.

dont you think you should get a core 2 quad insted?
alot of people think that thay can cheppe out on the cpu and fokuse on the graphic card. a bad cpu is gonna limite the power from the graphic card.
i whould NOT go lover then that core 2 due that you have choosen.

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Default Re: building gaming pc, which processor should i get?

Likewise. The Core 2 Duos are anciently slow compared to what is available today (and for much much less money than the cost of keeping that dinosaur up and running)

Especially if you're buying a high end video card, get at a minimum an Intel i5 CPU or an AMD Phenom II X4. You're doing yourself a disservice by going lower.
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