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Default Building a computer from old parts


I wanted to buy a new computer but the cost is sort of prohibitive. My school has a lot of old computers lying around from the early 2000s, and I was wondering how much trouble it would be to cannibalize parts from several of them into a decent computer. How much prospect is there in such an attempt? I don't really know very much about building a computer, but I believe you can combine processors in parallel for a more powerful processor? I assume I would at least have to buy a new mother board which could be expensive, so is there a workaround to that? I'm not even sure what kind of condition they are in, but I wrote down some of the models anyways, and there are multiples of some types

Precision 530 with Intel Xeon

SMM Power Edge 230 Intel 3
DHM Intel 3
Inspiron 8500 Intel 4
Inspiron 7000

Power Mac G4

Silicon Graphics:
Silicon Graphics 320

The Inspirons are laptops, so would I even be able to salvage parts from them? Aren't their parts usually integrated into the motherboard?

I am currently using a Toshiba Satellite A215, and obviously I would want to be able to build a computer more powerful than it, otherwise I would just be wasting my time.

Since the Graphics cards are from the early 2000s, would I need new ones if, for example, I wanted to run a newer game? Is there any use in saving them?

I did a little research on some of these models myself, but I don't really know what was important to post on here, so I was hoping someone could help me research them and tell me about which to start with. Am I correct in believing the Intel Precision 530 is the best right now? Is there any way to cheaply salvage any of this into a workable, decent computer? If it is possible to build a better computer than my Satellite laptop using these old computers, how much trouble/cost can I expect it to be to be compared to the benefit or compared to just buying a new computer? I expect to have to replace some things, but hopefully not much. Also, since I am kind of experienced with this type of thing where is a good resource to learn about computer building?

Thanks for any help.

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Default Re: Building a computer from old parts

Anything in the 2000 era will not even come close to your laptop. If you want the PC to outperform your laptop, you will need to buy a new PC, or buy a used PC, with specs in the mid 2006-2007.
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