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Default Build

I was wondering after i get all my parts for my comp is there any way that some one that can put it together for me cause where i live there's no computer places to do that so im wondering if mayb i can get someone to build it for me

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Default Re: Build

Why not just build it yourself..
There's tons of helpful people on here and there's guides in case you get suck anywhere.

Everyone will tell you,
1.have patience
2.read manuals/pictures
3. don't force anything (except ram)
4. it's not as hard as it looks

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Default Re: Build

Aight Then Thanxs
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Default Re: Build

i can give you a long list of guides/definitions etc. if you want.
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Default Re: Build

15-20 years ago I wouldn't have recommended it to a beginner, you could plug things in the wrong way or in the wrong sockets pretty easily - at best you'd probably have missed some jumper setting for an ISA card and at worst you could've plugged in the power supply connector the wrong way around and wrecked every component in your PC (and they were a lot more expensive back then!) There were also relatively few guides around and as such relatively few people who actually knew what they were doing with it.

These days it's completely different, there's plenty of good guides online, things generally just go where they fit, the advent of plug and play has got rid of pretty much all the jumpers that used to be essential and there's plenty of people around that know what they're doing if you need any help. I'd recommend doing some reading and being careful / asking if unsure the first time around because things can of course still go wrong and break, but if you take sensible precautions and you're careful you should be able to put it together without any issues
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