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Default Re: BSOD in Vista, week old rig.

Originally Posted by Zdorab View Post
Vista Home Premium 64-bit

I bought a new rig (Specs in sig) and I'ts worked fine for a week an a half. I put steam on it, set it off installing and went to use the bathroom. I came back and the computer was resetting. It then proceded to bsod Stop errors, and whenever I reset it they would come earlier and earlier untill it couldn't even load the user log in screen. I ran it in Safe Mode, sucessfully removed Steam, and it still would Bsod.

Bsods were STOP errors:

Other .sys errors.
(What the heck do these mean?)

I opened up the computer to see if anything was wrong. It was REALLY hot, but all 3 fans were running. (Front case, back case, processor.) I let it cool for 30 mins, and when I plugged it back in, it worked!!!... for 10 mins then it BSOD'ed when I tried to run a game.

What can I do? The compy says all my parts are working in safe mode, everything registers. I have a lan party tomorrow so speedy help is much appreciated! Thanks.
The two I highlighted are normally good indications that either your memory is not compatible with your board or the GPU/Memory is giving out errors. A bit hard to test the GPU you could download 3dMark and run it on extended mode to make sure your GPU is not bad. As for the memory you can download memtest86 and run each stick say 5 passes.

I'd say your other errors are in relation to the above though. How much page file are you using or do you have page file turned off and just running your memory?

If memory serves me correctly you want your page file to be twice what your ram is. So if you have 2 gigs you want 4000megs of page file. Thats what that second error is. Its a problem with your system addressing the page file into the correct places and its causing a bsod.

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