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Default Broken Heatsink?

Well to start with, My computer Was bought from a police officer that is in the server industry. It is an IBM Intellistation Z pro. Its an older machine but he had rigged it to be faster than any computer in my house. The processors are a quad core Xeon Chips 3.6 Ghz and just recently put in an ASUS ENGT430 1gb graphics card. i dont remember much about the hardware inside at the moment. So onto the problem. After two days since i bought it, The computer would go into "Server Protection mode" (That what the cop said after i asked him about the problem) Usually dealing with keeping the CPU from frying. I know when the error occurs, when my monitor says "Going to Sleep" and my computers fans pick up and makes the computer useless for about 8 hours. I felt the inside and its not hot at all. in fact the fans are working quite nice. Now recently i was thinking it was a bug, Because it has been running so well for the past 12 hours. (Usually lasts 4 hours untill the error.) I left the computer alone for about 10 days and finally could muster up the guts to check the starting temp. When I looked i saw a rough 135C (275F). I thought there was no way in hell sitting in a 70F room for 10 days am i going to start up my comp at 275F. This morning it hasnt booted up yet. Happens quite often. Ive come up with two reasons of why this has been happening. #1 - Broken Heatsink. #2 - not enough Heat transfer jelly on the CPU.

Is there anyway i can fix this computer? I dont really fancy buying a new server tower.

(By the Way its for a gaming Server)

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Default Re: Broken Heatsink?

Please don't create multiple threads with the same problem...

Did this behavior occur before you received the machine?

If not, then it may be that the heatsink was dislodged while moving the computer form place A to place B.

If that is all it is, then the problem can be quickly remedied-- remove the heatsink, clean it and the processor with a lint-free cloth and some isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, apply some thermal-transfer compound (I use Arctic Silver; just a small dab, about the size of a grain of rice), and reinstall the heatsink amking sure it is properly secured.

Ensure that the heatsink fan works and is properly plugged in.

Do not apply too much thermal-transfer compound-- you need just enough to fill in small gaps between the metal of the heatsink and the top of the processor, when too much is applied, the stuff actually acts as an insulator and the processor will burn up.

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Default Re: Broken Heatsink?

Sorry my internet browser was a bit laggy. Thanks for the quick response. Ill get back to you after i try your solution.
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