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Default Brand New HP Pavillion Notebook is "Freezing Up"

Hello everyone,

I'm hoping someone can offer me some advice with regard to a brand new HP Notebook that is "freezing up" on a regular basis.

The notebook in question is the HP Pavilion dv9420us. I purchased it from HP.com on June 27 and it was delivered on June 28 (I paid for expedited shipping).

Since receiving the notebook on June 28, it has frozen up on me several times (no fewer than ten at this point). When I say it has "frozen up," I mean that it is completely locked up. The mouse will not move, the computer is not responsive to keyboard strokes, Task Manager will not open, etc... In other words, it is completely frozen.

In each instance, I've had to restart the computer manually by holding the power key for several seconds and then restarting the computer in safe mode.

There does not appear to be any rhyme or reason as to why the notebook freezes up. It has frozen up on me when I was surfing the web. It has frozen up on me when I was watching movies online. It has frozen up on me when I was watching DVDs on it. It has frozen up on me while using Microsoft Word. It has frozen up on me while running Norton Antivirus.

In most (but not all) instances, the freeze-up occurs when the computer has been on for an hour or longer.

Needless to say, I'm becoming increasingly concerned. This shouldn't be occurring at all, letalone on a computer that isn't yet 60 days old. Also, it may be a coincidence, but the freeze-ups seem like they might be occuring increasingly often.

The whole reason that I scrimped and saved for this computer is because I will be traveling to Europe for a month in October. I had hoped to be able to work on my notebook while over there, but my worst fear is that it will freeze-up while I'm there and I won't be able to get it to re-start (or that it will crash completely).

I'm not really sure how I should proceed at this point in time. The very thought of spending hours on the phone with HP technical support people makes me cringe. I'm not sure if sending the notebook back to HP is an option, either (I guess I need to check the return policy). Regardless of how we try to remedy the issue, I cannot afford to not have the computer at my disposal for weeks on end.

In addition to the freezing issue, I should mention that the notebook arrived with a small scratch/nick in the finish, approximately 1/8" inch long. I tried photographing it to attach to this post, but it won't show up in my digital photos. While disappointed by the flaw in the finish, I was content to just "let it go," but considering it along with the freeze-up issue has me more than a little irked.

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

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Default Re: Brand New HP Pavillion Notebook is "Freezing Up"

You say it freezes up after it's been on a while. Is the computer hot to the touch? I'm not just talking like warm, but so hot it hurts to touch.

I would also go and download Memtest and burn the image to a CD and boot off of it to see if Bad RAM is the cause of the problem.

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Default Re: Brand New HP Pavillion Notebook is "Freezing Up"

Bad RAM is my guess also..............
If you have multiple sticks you can remove one and run for a while to see if this is it (this assumes you have enough memory to do this)..............then swap out the other if that doesn't do it.

I bought an HP dv6000 notebook and after troubleshooting for a week with technical support I found the bad RAM stick myself...........they sent me out a brand new laptop because they didn't know what the problem was.
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Default Re: Brand New HP Pavillion Notebook is "Freezing Up"

How much ram have you got?, have you installed any new software prior to this starting? have you tried a spyware scan to see if it finds anything?, are you running multiple tasks when this happens?
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