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Old 02-11-2007, 01:30 AM   #1
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Default Bottlenecking CPU and GPU?

I have an AMD 64 3700+ and I'm wondering what the most powerful graphics card I could get for my machine that would not bottleneck with this processor or not be used to it's full potential.

I have a 7600GT right now if that helps.


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Default Re: Bottlenecking CPU and GPU?

Well, at the minute CPU's are going down in the priority list of gaming performance...I would say it wouldn't bottleneck the system much, even with a top of the line card such as the 8800....But looking at those specs, your 430watter PSU probably wouldn't come near supporting the 8800 card.


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Default Re: Bottlenecking CPU and GPU?

You wouldnt be getting the full performance benefit from the 8800 if u used it on ur cpu i dont think, could be wrong. Also if you're willing to spend a lot on a gfx might be worth upgrading cpu if ur after top notch gaming performance. My card would work a lot better with a core duo. 3dmark gets 8200 with a core duo id be looking at ( a decent core duo ) around 11-12k.
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Default Re: Bottlenecking CPU and GPU?

Actually, the bottlenecking won't really happen. If you plan to d ointense gaming, like Crysis game, then your CPU might be topped out from that 800MHZ HTT.
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