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Default Boot Problems/Delayed Write Failed errors continue after many reformats

Well I guess the title says it all...

When I turn my computer on, it does one of four things:

1)Bios screen loads, and freezes on black screen
2)XP loading bar keeps going and going and going and randomly restarts
3)Bios screen loads, and continues to corrupt file screen/blue screen
4)If I'm lucky, everything loads perfectly to my desktop

Getting thorough boot up is just half the battle. Then comes the DELAYED WRITE FAIL messages. These piss me off with a passion. About 1 out of every 3 Battlefield2 map loads, I'll get the error. When I leave the computer running all night (downloading programs and what not) I'll often wake up to a black screen, which is the common result to the delayed write failed messages. It occasionally occurs when running high memory apps, but occurs the most when LOADING applications or DOWNLOADING programs. I have received the message when searching for files on the hard drive and copying large files to other folders. I think Im leaning towards a hard drive problem.

I and others I know more knowledgeable of computers have reformatted it many times, and the symptoms I have just mentioned are all evident within the first few days of reformatting.

Hardware problem? Bios problem? I know its not a virus. If someone can just maybe point me in the right direction of getting help with this persistent annoyance, that would be just amazing. I've had it almost 9 months and saved a lot of paychecks many months before that to finally buy a decent PC.

Thanks for any input.

Maxtor Maxline III 300GB Serial ATA 3Gb 7200RPM Hard Drive
Asus A8V-MX Via K8M800 AMD Athlon 64(FX)/Sempron DDR M-ATX Motherboard
ATI All-In-Wonder X800 XT AGP 8X 256MB DDR3 Video Card
Kingston HyperX 2GB DDR400 PC3200
AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Processor

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Default Re: Boot Problems/Delayed Write Failed errors continue after many reformats

Have you tested the memory? You should download and run Memtest86+. It can be run from a floppy or bootable CD. It will fully test your memory to see if there are any problems.

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Default Re: Boot Problems/Delayed Write Failed errors continue after many reformats

I'm having a similar prob with my computer. I also believe my HD is going even though its only a few months old! It will save a file then take a while to post to the target folder or not post at all. Then I need to go back then re click the folder then it shows. Or in the extreme case folders that had something in them 15 mins ago are now empty. But when I restart it the folders are back again. I'd say your HD is corrupt. I'd run memtest as rooster suggested just to check out your ram.

You keep saying your getting a black screen. Have you gotten any blue screens of death yet? Try this out. Click start>My computer~ right click properties. Now in your system properties click the advanced tab. Under startup and recovery click settings. Uncheck write an event to the system log, send admin alert, Automatically restart and change write debug info to none. Now the next time your system crashs you'll get the blue screen with the error info and problem.

Also in your run box type chkdsk /f and run. Then reboot your system. If there is a error in your drive it should find it and try and recover the orphan file. If the problem persists i'd rma the HD. Check you manufacture most HD's come with some type of warranty on bad drives.
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Default Re: Boot Problems/Delayed Write Failed errors continue after many reformats

Your delayed write failed message might be because you are saving it to another hd, i have a packard bell 250g external hd, and if i want to download anything have to switch it of as it trys to download to that drive as apose to my internal hd of my desktop,when that happens i get the same message
Compaq Presario CQ5305K-m Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 (2.6 GHz), Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, 2048 MB , Hard drive: 320 Gb, with 18.5 Widescreen
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