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Default A boat load of issues

Hi, I'm new here

Anyways, I received a free Dell Dimension 5100 series (I think?) computer, all it needed was a PSU, I replaced that, used it for abit, stopped using it because I went back to my other, (some what slower, but had more ram) for abit, I took the dell apart to clean it, and like an Idiot I took the CPU out and dropped the CPU down in the socket. It bent a few of the pins, I said screw it and put it in anti-static bags, and went about my business, well, When I was at the doctors office, I noticed a PC magazine that had a guide to fixing bent CPU pins, I did that and got it working again. Only problem, It seemed to pretty damn laggy (and I've added a new video card, and RAM.) I put all the old stuff back in with no changes, I reset the BIOS, formatted the drive, and tested it all. Couldn't find out why it was lagging so bad, It never lagged like this before, even with the lower amount of RAM. I'm asking, Would a bent CPU pin cause it to lag? I plan a online 2D side scrolling game, and it lags like hell, but on my AMD Turion 64BIT 2.20Ghz, Nvidia Geforce Go! series card, it doesn't lag one bit even with the settings maxed and in a high-traffic area. The current specs are Pentium 4 2.80Ghz Hyper threading, 2gb of PC3200 ram. Nvidia 9400GT 512mb. 160GB Sata. I've reformatted with my basic Windows XP disk, and made sure to get the correct up-to-date Drivers with no luck. I disabled the Hyper threading think that would fix it, but once again. no luck, It seems the game likes to max the CPU at times, and even on my older 2.5Ghz 1gb ram pc, it only uses 25% max. I've checked for virus/spyware/adware/bots/etc and it comes up clean. I've defragged and all that.

tl;dr Would fixing bent CPU pins, cause the PC to lag?

Anyone at all?
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