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Default Re: Bios/boot screen size problem

Originally Posted by xx cobra xx
why ask him that, i dont no what the proplem is but if its 2inches to the right or left twiggle with the moniter undernet. lol
just wondering

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Default Still Dying For Hardware Help!!


I still haven't fixed this problem. for anybody who didn't read the thread, my computer's initial resolution while booting is out of wack. during POST and windows boot, my screen is about 1.5 inches too low, and is cutting off the bottom part of the screen of course. This is now really starting to bother me since I'm trying to boot in Linux now to try it out and it won't boot, probably because there's a message at the bottom of the screen i have to see. I can't boot DamnSmall Linux or Suse Linux 9.2 Gnome LiveCD version. Can anybody help? I have the Samsung SyncMaster 151s 15" LCD, and I've tried moving the screen up with the monitor's menu. I'm running Windows XP Professional SP2 on a P4 3.2 (usually OC'ed to 3.8Ghz) on a P4P800-E Deluxe Mobo, all connected to the LCD with an ATI Radeon 9600XT, installed as a Sapphire Radeon 9600 Atlantis with ATI Catalyst Control Panel. after Windows loads the Login Screen, everything is fine, but before that, it becomes a problem.

If you have any idea how I can change my monitor's initial boot location or any other helpful information, please, help me out!


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Default Re: Bios/boot screen size problem

ummm, ya i have an option in my bios settings to use "small boot screen" or sumthin, never seen wut it does, but that may be wut happened
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Default Re: Bios/boot screen size problem

Boot up in safe mode and in the control panel set your monitor to it's default screen size 1280x1024 for example and refresh rate and then restart your PC and check your BIOS screen while booting, it should be OK. If not set your monitor to the lowest refresh rate your monitor can take. The LCD AUTO sets for WINDOWS not for the BIOS.

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