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Default Big Audio Problem-D975XBX2

Hey guys
I am new here and hoping you experts could help me out.
First off, here are my specs
Intel D975XBX2 Mobo
Intel Dual core
Nvidia 8800 gts
WD Raptor 60gb/ and 250gb sotorage drive
Windows XP 5.1.2600 SP2

I have been having an audio problem for quite some time now. I have a built in soundcard on my mobo:Intel High Def Audio Interface
It also says SigmaTel STAC9274D audio codec
I have Altec lansing speakers, 5+sub. They connect with three wires:
black, orange, and light green.
Currently, my computer sounds like crap. My audio system has turned into a left/right stereo system. I no longer have 5.1 surround etc.
If I unplug the black and green connector, nothing even happens. It is basically running off the orange one. I have to CRANK my volume knob to listen to audio on the internet (liek Youtube), but other things require a normal level. I can't watch movies on my computer anymore because all you can really hear is the background noises.. The center speaker isn't just voices...

I think this is all because of my driver. It changed from the SigmaTel to 'IDT Audio 1' version 5.10.5790.3 by itself...

When it said SigmaTel etc it worked perfectly. I cannot figure out how to fix this. Searching results in ALOT of hits for people with the same problem.
I tried rolling back teh driver and my sound did not work.

Any help guys? This has been bugging me for months now!

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Default Re: Big Audio Problem-D975XBX2

The IDT driver is an updated version that Intel (your mobo manufacturer) put out for Vista compatibility. However, try downloading this driver to see if it helps. I would suggest completely removing and uninstalling the drivers currently installed for that device before running this driver installer. Tell me if that helps.

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Default Re: Big Audio Problem-D975XBX2

I uninstalled the old driver, downloaded the one you linked me to, and nothing has changed. It still says it is the sam driver, IDT 5.10.5790.3
I mad sure I had the 5.1 surround sound option enabled.
If I go to IDT Audio OCntrol panel and run a speaker test, with 5.1 enabled, all I get is a left sound (coming from front and rear left) and right sound (coming from front a rear right) and a sub rumble. It does not recognize the rear speakers individually or the center speaker for that matter.
Thanks for the help!

Okay, I played around with it a bit more and it seems to be working now.
Just voice is coming from the center, and it is sounding great. Only problem is my front right speaker is not playing. It could be a connection issue...
The speaker test works except for the front right!

Edit: Now it is all working again. Thanks alot. Fast service (:
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