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Default Re: best dust filter?

Originally Posted by lukaszr View Post
well it looks like i'll probably see if i can grab another one of these monitors. well not the HD version. now lets see if the dad will pay for it :P
Ha ha....ha.........ha. Good luck with that. If he does, I will envy you for eternity. I had to buy my own monitor and if I want to go dual screen, I will have to pay for the 2nd one too. I have thought about it, but then I decided that getting a PS3 to watch HD on my monitor would be a nice option too.

unfortionatly, my car has had some trouble lately and I might be needing to put money into it instead. Even if it doesn't, I don't really think I can justify the reason for getting another $300 monitor, besides the sexyness. I should be saving the money I am making for college.

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Default Re: best dust filter?

Originally Posted by lukaszr View Post
LOL - i didn't say i was buying the card right now, and as for performance, well i'll get double what i have now, so it will be extremely high performanced. as for the card, i will be waiting for the price to drop, and if it doesn't drop anytime soon, then looks like boxing day i'm buying it LOL.
Technically, you will have around 140% of what you have more. In another words, a 40% increase or so.

edit: See if your dad gives you a monitor. Then get the second 9800GTX. Then get your mom to give you a monitor, then a sibling. Now you can run 4 monitors! Yay!

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