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Default Re: Benchmark's of the quad sli!!!

Bah, no matter. It sounds better IMO :P

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Default Re: Benchmark's of the quad sli!!!

Originally Posted by JustinMcG67

X1900XTX wins...

X1900XTX wins...

Interesting benchmark, the 7900GTX and X1900XTX lose to the 7900GT, but when comparing the X1900XTX to the 7900GTX. X1900XTX wins...

X1900XTX wins...

Hmmm....the 7900GTX loses in EVERY benchmark when compared to its competitor, the X1900XTX. So, sorry to break all your guys's hearts but, the 7900GTX loses in EVERY benchmark. Why? Because it has no new technologies when compared to the X1900XTX. It's just a 7800GTX with more memory and using way less transistors. Why do you think the thing vost so much less to make? It's because it uses so much less material then the 7800GTX 512MB.

So guys, for craps sake, accep tthe fact that the 7900GTX is just a piece of crap compared to it's predocessor, the 7800GTX 512<B, and it's competitor, the X1900XTX. It loses, flat out, in everything. So, when somethign loses that much, what can we conclude? It's a of loser. Plain and simple folks. Accept it, embrace it. And move on.

Wow saying that must take some real stubborness. The 7900 256 meg version has the best bang for your buck. 300 at my local PC Club means 250 on Newegg. I could get two, put them in SLi, and rape any 512 x1900XTx or w/e easily. Kkthx.

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Default Re: Benchmark's of the quad sli!!!

Originally Posted by ArrizX_MuziK
Yeah but you did mention this.. I mean here were looking at benchmakrs (CF'd and SLI'd) that we normal people will never get.

More realisticly is owning a single card of these. Their the best cards of their kind.. We would be lucky to own one. So really the bickering about the SLI and CF versions is useless.. because we will never own it.. Although the single cards performing against each other is alot more realistic for us. So thats something to argue about. And unarguably ATI wins...
ATI is indeed better for single card performance because i thas a dedicated AA AF chip but for 2 cards (SLI and crossifre) Nvidia wins. Either way both are a great company. Also the 7900gtx is on a 90 core this time, that generates less heat and that mean WAYYYY higher oc's my cars are at stock settings but im sure i could oc them much higher (Idel temp 41c load temp 55c)

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