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Default Beeping CPU, HELP????

My CPU keeps beeping continously when a) I burn audio CD's, b)when trying to read a sticky .avi file on WMP and c) When running Norton.
Its has this continous beeping sound that wouldn't end until I close the particulat program/application.

Any idea why?

Now for my "wonderful" PC'c background: It's old. Use to run on 98 when I upgraded to 2000 pro. Also added memory to it where it now stands at 196608 K. Also my power supply is on the fritz where sometimes when I boot up, the "lovely" pc will read the wrong amount of memory. Something like 1/3 to about 2/3 of the actual memory available. Then sometimes when shutting down, my windows will say the usual "windows is shutting down" and "saving personal settings" etc...then the usual turqouise default wallpaper will appear and... No automatic off. Usually windows will switch everything off for me. My Com is networked.

Warning: I'm no com tech whiz. I suck major time. Be extremely patient when dealing with the less fortunate in brains and mental developement specifically me.

I've been thinking (Note the above warning so please be very very careful when I say I've been thinking) and the only 2 reasons I can think up of is:
a) Com over heating.
b) Com not reading the right amount of memory/missing memory.

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CPU s make a range of different beeps for different things either to tellu everything is OK sometimes to tell u it is not. I THINK it is because your CPU has either overheated, there is a problem with the CPU/other hardware or because the memory has not been recognised. Assum ing it is because the hardware has not been recognised try installing the driver again (if any) or try getting windows to search 4 new hardware.
Hope I was of sum use. LOL

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Default Re: Beeping CPU

Yeah it could be overheating check it is stuck in propally.And the heat sink is in right.
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