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Default Bad slot?

well, my mobo has two RAM slots, and i've been having memory problems of late. I think i just figured it out though. Skip to the last paragraph for a TLDR.

Originally, my PC was using two Corsair DDR3 ram sticks, clocked at 1333MHz. Not particularly high end, but not particularly crap either. My PC worked fine for a while, then i started getting bluescreen errors and crashes. Up to the point where the computer just refused to POST and sat running with the monitors on. Taking out the stick furthest from the CPU solved this problem, and my PC ran with 2GB just fine. Now, i forgot to swap them over and see if the 'bad' stick worked in the other slot, so i dont know if it wold have since i gave the 'good' stick to a friend and im not sure where the other one is. Now, running x64 windows on a gaming PC with 2GB sucks, so i ordered a 4GB set of Corsair Vengeance at 1600MHz (my mobo allegedly accepts up to 1800MHz). Now, initially, after the first install attempt, i got a bluescreen and another post failure. Reseating the memory and running Window's memory diagnostics seemed to fix this problem, and for around a week it worked like a dream. Now, im getting bluescreens and POST faiures again.

So, when i got home today, i took out the stick furthest from the CPU again, and once again the problem stopped. now, this time i put the stick that was stopping it from posting into the other slot, and presto it still POSTs and doesn't crash. So, it seems that anything put into the second RAM slot is shaky to begin with and eventually stops working, dont to a point where it fails POST.

TLDR: Anything i put into my second RAM slot starts shaky and gets worse to a point where the PC won't boot.

I'm pretty sure i didnt do anything to kill the RAM myself, since it all works in the first slot, and i took all the ESD precautions on install, and the sticks themselves all come with a 'limited lifetime warranty' from Corsair.

So, is it possible for 1 RAM slot to stop working and the other to work fine, or am i overlooking something? Also, should i look into replacing my mobo, and if so, suggest some for me please. I usually order from Scan.co.uk: Computer Hardware and would prefer not too expensive since i have no job, also the details of my Rig (the Phenom II rig) are in my sig.

thankyou for your time.

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Default Re: Bad slot?

One fine day my computer shut down itself and never able to turn it on again. The repairman diagnosed bad ram slot on the motherboard (slot1 and 3). He said, it burnt the RAM also.

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Default Re: Bad slot?

Yes, it is entirely possible for a RAM slot to go bad.

Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about it but replace the motherboard
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