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Question Audio Silence

Hello and my I intoduce myself, the one and only VIR@L......

Okay...this is my first post sorry it had to be about something I need and not just a hello but I am 'Lost In TransREFORMATization'. I know a thing or two about computers so you can talk to me straight to maybe help concise your answer down. I (being lazy and not building one) bought a Dell computer for my son for Christmas. The first thing I did of course was to reformat the hard drive with my own partitions and install XP PRO and all the latest drivers. The BIOS settings are limited on these computers so I did not have to really change anything their except I made sure the integrated sound was disabled for I was using a internal SB Live 24bit card. I booted everything up and all the drivers and bells were tuned and ready to go for him. One problem though...no sound . So I began troubleshooting with the normal procedures; so yes the volume was up and the speakers plugged in and all the WINDOWS common BS stuff looked into. I checked the headphone jack in the front also and no sound their. I proceded to then turn on the integrated sound to try that so I reinstalled the drivers for the sound controller that runs the integrated sound and still nothing. I did a final restart, shut off the integrated sound, thinking that maybe the sound controller drivers somehow needed to be loaded on the mobo in order for the SB LIVE 24bit PCI card to work. Nope! So I am stuck....the sound worked fine prior to the reinstallation and I even tried a sound check and it came back stating that the system sound should work. Everything is pointing to no problems with the drivers but I get nothing. So I guess my first question is, can the drivers be okay and fine if there is something wrong with the PCI card itself? I would think that it would kick back some kind of error on the sound check if the hardware was jacked, but again, everything comes back as stating operations are a go. So....being that I am not the all-knowing when it comes to computers, any ideas? Would you recommend pulling the card out and reinserting it for kicks-and-giggles, or maybe uninstalling the drivers for a third time and reinstalling them? I am lost. I appreciate any assistance that you may be able to lend. This problem definately has me boggled.


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Default Re: Audio Silence

in some bios setting u can enable the sound try it again m8
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