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Default Audigy LS VS. Audigy2 ZS

I currently own a SoundBlaster Audigy LS and was told that it had no hardware EAX acceleration (only software acceleration) which can be a bottleneck in games and I have experienced this in games such as Halo and Half-life2 causing the game to later crash, I know that a Audigy2 ZS has Hardware EAX and everything else but would it be a noticeable sound difference between the two cards

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Default Re: Audigy LS VS. Audigy2 ZS

Hmm, this is questionable, but yes there might be!

As for that acceleration thing, I didn't know that...
But I have an original SoundBlaster Live and my board has an EAX chip on it showing its hardware...so check for that. It true it needs drivers to get the EAX working, but this doesn't mean its not hardware.

You might find the SoundBlaster Audigy LS 2 has a better EAX hardware system though for games, and might contain some extra up to date features.

So you could try this if you are having trouble in games,
though it could be your video card in some places making it lag on newer games.
Plus if your system isn't good enough, your system won't be able to handle EAX anyway without some glitches or lags because it takes alot, and I mean, alot of CPU power to retain the effects in the latest games. The latest Audigy I think makes it easier on the CPU chip with a new advanced version of the same technology that doesn't need it as much!

What video card have you got? What computer specs have you got?

If your not sure on any of these, download this:


It'll tell you all you need to know so you can post back.

I hope this helps

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I know for sure this sound card doesn't have hardware EAX acceleration becuase it is said an several reviews, it has software acceleration, I know it is this card cuz the sound drags in games that use alot of EAX features such as Half-life2 and Halo amd amother person with this Audigy LS card has the same problems with those two games, I just wanted to know if the Audigy2 ZS would be noticeable better overall than the card I currently have.

My Specs:
XP serv.1
AMD XP 2600 Barton
1024MB 333 DDR Ram
480 watt Thermaltake Power Supply
ATI Radeon 9600XT 128MB
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