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Default Asus Motherboard Support A8V Deluxe Via Socket 939 ATX Motherboard Chipset K8T800Pro

This motherboard has some issues that i am about going to report to any of you that are currently using or are thinking about using any VIA Chipset running through asus. Not to get me wrong by saying Asus, there products are great! I just built my computer a few months ago running a nice mini server, with 80gb hd, 1gb ram, 256mb video card and a nice athlon 64 processor.

The problem with these motherboards have been with the chipset during the driver installation. If you have one of these motherboards this is for you! When installing Windows Xp durning the bios runthrough, the motherboard will ask you for a installation (Floppy Disk) Well i have found out that when you order you motherboard, the company DOES NOT give you floppy disks... for what reason i dont know. Instead they give you a CD rom. Why a cd rom?? you can't install the two chipsets that you needed. Well i found a way around it.

The motherboard looks like this

---> First off take the cd and find another computer that will run the cd. You must find another computer. Sorry to say but going through this process is somewhat a pain in the ass.

---> Once you have access on computer with the cd, click on the cd and once your on the cd rom, alot of options will be available to you to install drivers. The two main drivers you need will be found on the top of the disk.

---> You must have a floppy drive on both the computer that you are building or restoring and the computer that you have the driver disk in it. You must go to the option on your disk that says create disk. When you do this create a disk (on Floppy Disk (You will need 2 disks) of the two main chipset drivers on the disk. They will work, i have done this and found that both drivers will fit on a floppy disk.

---> Once complete, go back to your computer. When the option comes up again for installing the drivers, a blue screen will appear with white letters describing, "Please insert your driver floppy disk now" Insert them one by one and let your computer install them. You will have to select the drivers from the disk, but you all know what im talking about so i wont go there.

---> Once this is done, Congrates your computer will have installed the two chipsets, and your xp will be fine. Asus has taken the issue in and currently i got a email back from Asus International stating that they have fixed the problem and NOW the newer motherboards they support come with the drivers already fixed to a floppy disk.

I had this issue when i first started using asus, but its fine now and im so glad i kept this motherboard. Took awhile to figure it out and i hope this makes it alittle easier for everyone that has old version to figure it out. Remember there is alot more to it during Bios and that i did not stat any of that.

Please if you have any questions post them under and i will get back to you.

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Default Re: Asus Motherboard Support A8V Deluxe Via Socket 939 ATX Motherboard Chipset K8T800Pro

Damn, that is a pain in the ass.

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Damn right it is
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