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Thumbs down Apples suport drop for ppc

I love apple mac computers but i have an ibook g4 that is still good. a 6 year old pc would not function in the same way as a g4 mac but after apples change over to intel, most programs do not support the older powerpc macs.

i have a real chip on my sholder that anything i try to run wont work. My graphics card was stuffing up every now and then and is fixed now but i called up a mac store and they told me that they wont fix this generation mac as they dont have parts for it. i think that was just a bad excuse to try and sell me a new mac. because this technician told me that if i brought my old mac in they will transfer all of my docs from my mac to a new mac. witch i cannot afford.

This is a fustrating subject to me because car companies dont stop producing sump plugs and oil filters and more products because the are 6,10,15,20,40 years old because they are still perfectly operational. well my g4 ppc macintosh is still perfectly functional so what is the point in not supporting macs with the ppc processor in it. intel isnt and never will be the best processsor. it is only just a selection of many other processors

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Default Re: Apples suport drop for ppc

Technology is much different than mechanical parts. One part is not always good for multiple models in multiple years like a car part.

As much as I hate apple, I have to say that they are not at the wrong here. Because of the lack of demand, some new parts for that system would cost more than it is worth. It's a practice every company follows.

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Default Re: Apples suport drop for ppc

Whoooo, you're in for a rude awakening if you do buy any other computer made today too. Celegorm's got it right, it's not just Apple, and while this is an example of the worst case scenario (switching CPU architectures in a product line) it's not the last.
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Default Re: Apples suport drop for ppc

Actually car manufacturers do stop making parts for a certain car after it is so many years old. Might be longer than computers but cars generally have longer lifespans. But that's what all computer companies do as well.
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