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Default Re: Apple the new dell?

Apple have a huge number of crap apps too.

I would imagine that 90% of apps are crap or worse than crap/technically useless.

but define crap app?

most apps simply mimic something that the OS already does but is hidden. somewhere in a settings menu. (like all those battery meter apps, and storage meter apps).
what about apps that can turn on the flash light and are sold as torch apps? -you can do this in the camera (open camera, switch to video mode, set flash to on (instead of off or auto). - you don't even need to press record.
but there are plenty of apps out there sold as "torches, or flash lights" that do that, or some that just make the screen white -you even have to pay for some of these apps.

Crap products are the blight of any market place. apple do a "reasonable" job of keeping the worst of the crap out.

Android on the other hand has an open market place.
which may have more apps, but has also opens the door to more crap.
including some apps that are nasty

both companies put on different fronts.
to it's supporters, apple's walled garden approach ensures robustness and reliability of applications.

but really it's about milking exclusivity, controlling the market, and ensuring that they can keep a strangle hold on certain things. -for example you'll never get an app that delivers subscribed content without apple taking their cut.

then you have the Google approach.
to it's supporters the very open app store has loads of apps, respects freedom and openness, doesn't try to control things at all. puts the user in control.

But in reality, it's actually more about getting numbers, hundreds of thousands of applications, it doesn't matter if they are all shitty fart button apps.
So long as Google can say we've got more apps than apple, provided that they never mention the quality then that's fine, people look at the bigger number, decide that there are more apps for android, the community must be better and follow the heard.

The app stores aren't about selling apps at all.
for apple it's about controlling device content and making money wherever possible.

for Google it's about getting as many "products" on the "shelf" as fast as possible, that way when the next Google phone comes out they are almost guaranteed sale items.

If you compare exclusive and expensive mobile computers based on how many non-de-script apps that can run on them, then you are an idiot.

not least because generally speaking the most useful and most popular apps in any given field, (be they computer / shopping / navigation / games) are developed by companies that are developing for both devices anyway.

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Well both app markets for both operating systems would have good and bad apps of course..

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