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Default Re: Anyway to hook up?

Originally Posted by ssc456 View Post

here goes

umm ebay will more than likely have everything you need but ill look at jus shops

vga to s video converter is here : http://www.eforcity.com/pothvgasvrc1...iJp-j9AyD575kr

then u will need a male - male s video cable here : http://www.cpusolutions.com/8004744c...CBVIDSVIDEO5FT

then u want a 3.5mm headphone jack to red and white audio lead which is here : http://shopping.redorbit.com/product...n=Froogle+Feed

so that shud be it check that ur tele has a s video slot and red and white audio leads slot.

if it does not u will need 1 of these : http://cavuk.com/product.php?productid=1180

which as u can c adapts everything to pluginto 1 scart socket simple.

u can probably find better prices but now u no wot your lookin for u can look for better deals on ebay u will prob get it for well under half the prices mentioned there

no that first adapter wont work because his video card must have tv-out through vga in order for that thing to work!! :P

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Default Re: Anyway to hook up?

I still don't know what to use =P

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Default Re: Anyway to hook up?

Umm, since you have a pretty good video card from nVidia, your card should of came with the proper cables?
It should of either came with this:


Just take the S-Video cable and plug it into your TV if it has a S-Video port.
If not then look into getting this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16882125153
Im not sure what the red/white cables are for.
My 7300GS came with this:

Thats about it.
I did see this one little thing at the store that will do the same thing, something like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814100010
but it was only $39.99, @ the PX.

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