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Default Antec 1200 Front USB port help

Ok so I'm having a problem with my front USB ports and am wondering if I did something wrong when I built the PC.

As you may have already guessed It's an antec 1200 case and I am using a Striker II Extreme for the motherboard.

I built this thing from scratch, and for my first build it's run absolutely perfectly except for one thing, the front USB ports, the back ones work fine though.

I've got a couple of pictures here showing you what I "think" may be the problem. The first is what I have from the case into the mobo.


It's a bit bright so I used paint to put in some text of what the plugs say.
They all work fine, and they all came from the top part of the case.

Th next pic is of these extra cables I got when I got the case, they look the same but haven't really got any words to them just 81L.


If I have to plug those things in I'm gonna go berserk, I don't even know how to take off the top of the case since it doesn't really have any screws for it. -_-;

Well if you read that and would like to help I'd greatly appreciate it, I'm so sick of going to the back of the case to use the usb.

I'll check back later for your replies, thanks in advance.

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Default Re: Antec 1200 Front USB port help

none of your pictures relate to your USB issue. There should be a cable that is attached to the usb ports on the case...and you need to look on your mobo, where you have the USB 2.0 hook up.

I would check your manual for both the mobo and case.

*and you don't need to take off anything of the case LOL. i have the same Antec1200 for my build...and i had no problems getting it set up. I simply read the manual that came with my board and case....and it all just nicely worked *

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Default Re: Antec 1200 Front USB port help

I just remembered what the usb cables looked like, so I had a look at where I plugged them in and it turn out that they weren't 'plugged' in, just hanging there. x_x

I may have forgotten to put them in properly or they fell out when I moved the case.

Thanks for the help.
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