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Default Another computer, another problem

If you read my other thread, I've got a f'ed up compaq, I have officially declared that computer dead. While I'm here I decided to ask you guys about my OTHER comp. This one is in really bad shape as well lol. Its a HP laptop, about 2 years old now. For awhile it kept on shutting off randomly, no warning, nothin, just would turn off when I'm in the middle of something. Then it got really stupid one day. I lifted the monitor up one day, pushed the button to turn it on, and all of a sudden when the loadup screen came up...it went all WHITE. Completley white. I was like wtf? Ok so I held the button down to turn it off, and then turned it back on. It turned all white again. So I turn it off, turn it back on except this time I have the monitor A LOT lower, and it worked just fine. Great, except my monitor is about 2 inches in the air and I can't see shiz. We go to best buy and they say its probably the motherboard, and that it could cost a lot of money. Best to get a new comp. So we bought this really cheap dell. I'm jw if its possible to bring that HP back to life? Anyone have a problem similiar to mine? Thanks

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Default Re: Another computer, another problem

sounds like the lcd thing is outa whack, cuz, laptops are lcd, and lcd screens only go white or hard to see from a deep angle, so u could possibly need new lcd, or it could be the screens sensor is outa whack(thing tht turns screen on when u lift screen up)

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hmm interesting.

So how much would it cost to get a new lcd monitor or sensor? I'm not really looking to bring it back if its gonna be costly b/c I have this dell thats workin fine, but if its not too expensive, i'll give it a shot...
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