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Smile AMD help

Would I be right??

Hyper transport is the way in which AMD processors communicate with other components of the computer. With an Intel processor, there are parts called the Northbridge, and the Southbridge. The Northbridge is linked directly to the processor. Connected to the Northbridge are the RAM slots, and the AGP graphics slot. PCI-Express is also connected to the Northbridge. So the Northbridge "bridges" the AGP, PCI-E, and the RAM to the processor, hence the name: "Northbridge". Also connected to the Northbridge is the Southbridge. The Southbridge has all of the I/O (input/output) ports attached to it. These include: USB, Parallel, IEEE 1394, Serial, Ethernet, and some others. It also has the PCI bus attached to it. So, the southbridge does as the northbridge does, only with the I/O ports. This allows for bus speeds 533MHz, 800MHz, or on the Extreme Edition processors 1066MHz bus speeds.

AMD computers have hyper-transport (this is only on A64, and FX processors). It Has no northbridge, or southbridge. Instead of having the RAM connected to the northbridge it has the RAM connected directly to the processor. So, instead of having data go from the RAM, then to the Northbridge, Then all the way to the processor the data goes directly to the CPU. What would have been a northbridge stripped of it's RAM is renamed the "Hypertransport Tunnel". Under that, is the I/O hub. It really, is the same thing as the Southbridge. It manages all of the input/output devices, and ports. The effective bus speed on a socket 754 amd is 1600MHz, whereas socket 939 has an effective bus speed of 2000MHz.

Is this how it works??

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Default Re: AMD help

im pretty sure that Northbidge and Southbridge are the two main chips that make up the Chipset. theyre on AMD boards too.

correct me if im wrong ???
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