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Default AMD Bulldozer FX-4100 - OC & Misc'

I finally got my new Bulldozer CPU; I am blown away, and this is why:

With my previous CPU, the Phenom II x4 965, I had considerable heating issues in-which at stock with four cores running, I would reach over 70c, which of course isn't good, so I resorted to tweaking the Vcore, disabling cores, and lowering the frequency, which is also not good. I'm aware that Phenom IIs apparently get rather hot, and I can second this, and some!

This amazing piece of technology runs at an overclocked 4.4GHz (stock Vcore) at an insane temperature of (whilst the fans* on max) 6c idle and 37c on max-load! I have of course disabled Cool 'n Quiet, along with AMD's new Turbo feature, which is to ensure the OC is stable and safe for the CPU.

I was blown away when I noticed the amazing temperatures, and currently, while typing this, with all my fans (including the CPU fan) are at an absolute bare minimum, my CPU is at 10c. I have no fancy water cooling device as you'd expect from these temperatures, but instead I have a mix of Arctic Silver 5 paste well applied and an impressive (yet useless for the Phenom II) Arctic Freezer 13.

I can't enough recommend this AM3+ socket CPU. This CPU will last me for many more years to come and shan't be a bottleneck for a long, long time.

The details of my OC are as follows:

Turbo OFF.
FSB at 200
VCore STOCK (1.32v roughly, I think it's at)
Multiplier at 22x

* My fans are:

Front = 100mm unknown brand red LED fan that appears pretty damn good.
Side: Antec TriCool red LED 120mm fan
Rear: Arctic 80mm
Bottom: Syth 100mm

I usually run them at barely audible speeds, and can even get away with turning them all off, and this includes the CPU fan, while getting what I believe could max at 65c, however it only seemed to reach 58c when I did a quick test, earlier

I cannot believe that at 95w this CPU is able to perform so flawlessly. I have read various reviews and comments about this processor, claiming it's a "Faildozer" and that the Phenom II x4 965 is much better; I can comfortable and amusingly tell you this is an absolute load of... stuff.

Well done, AMD!

Side note:

For me, my high-end games and Windows 7 32-bit OS all perform far better than the Phenom II did. I also am aware that this CPU could likely reach 4.7GHz, however I'm very satisfied with what it's currently at.

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Default Re: AMD Bulldozer FX-4100 - OC & Misc'

I am so jealous! My fx 8150 can barely get to 4.4ghz without becoming unstable. Congrats to you

Edit: by the way, did you do prime 95 test? pass all and for how long?

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Default Re: AMD Bulldozer FX-4100 - OC & Misc'

Hehe. Nah, I didn't use Prime95, I used Core Damage and stressed it for something like 15 minutes, maybe more; I didn't count, I just watched the temps and noticed when it slowed down or steadied.. you know it is. It was stable, as I mentioned. :P I wouldn't use it if it was unstable. I turn on my PC and actually get lucky enough to see 1c. Haha. IDK what it is with my setup, but it's cool as hell for air cooling. I also recently did a better test for passive CPU (CPU turned off) and after about 10 or so minutes it settled at 63c, which is pretty decent, considering the heft OC and zero fan. Oh, I forgot to mention Windows 7 scores, as some people dig 'em: the Phenom II was at 6.9 whereas the Bulldozer is at 7.2, but as far as gaming is concerned, it's hella bad-ass. I'm not sure if the evaluation thingy picks up on variables such as an OC, so I assume it's just a base value for the specific model of CPU.

OK, I'm gonna try Prime 95, as I've never used it before and I'm curious to see what it's like. I'll let you know what scores/results I get...

...well, that was pointless. :| It didn't even work properly, and barely stressed the CPU, compared to Core Damage; I'll stick with Core Damage. :P


Decided to OC it some more, mostly through boredom, and managed to get another 100MHz, so it's now at 4.5GHz, with the same stock Vcore. Did a reasonably decent test, and got these results:

CPU: AMD Bulldozer FX-4100 OC @ 4.5GHz
(Max Fans: On-Load=42c Idle=4c)
(Minimal Fans: On-Load=52c Idle=8c

Apparently this CPU's maximum operating temperature is 70c; I guess I'm safe. :P
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