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Default Amd 3400 754

Alright, I have an AMD 3400 754 version, yeah for some reason not many people have the 3400. Anyhow, the stock speed is 2.4ghz. I'm thinking about buying a zalman, and OC'ing this biiiznick..Just wondering, what kind of mhz should I see? Im aiming for 3, to high? I want to OC right now, but the stock heatsink sucks so bad. Is this processor good to OC? Thanks

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Default Re: Amd 3400 754

I'd say 2.8. But you might get to 3 too, give it a try and see for yourself.

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Default Re: Amd 3400 754

Isn't the 754-pin 3400 130nm? That thing will probably run hot then. My best guess would be that it's not the best overclocking processor. If your temperatures remain in a good range, I'd say probably a very maximum of 3GHz. But unless you have high-end cooling, I highly doubt you could make it there without overheating. I'd say to expect in the 2.6-2.7 range. If you've got the money for a Zalman, I'd say it's a worthy investment for a gain of 0.2 - 0.3GHz with the possibility of more. But once again, I don't want to be spending anyone else's money on here, so it's up to you.

BTW, what are your load temperatures now with the stock heatsink?
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Default Re: Amd 3400 754

its a crapping ocing processor. Don't bother haha. Well, you might be lucky with a New Castle. The difference between a New Castle and a Clawhammer is that New Castles have 512KB cache while the Clawhammers have 1MB. New Castles are good clockers. Don't get a zalman. I had one to oc my Clawhammer 3400+ and lets say i didnt get very far. Get yourself a Scythe Ninja or some tower heatsink with heatpipes. That'll get you pretty far.
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