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Default ''all in one board''

what are the advantages of getting a ''all in one board''?

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Default Re: ''all in one board''

What do you mean? As in a mobo? Like the cpu and mobo combo? Or what?

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Default Re: ''all in one board''

Yeah, what exactly do you mean?
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Default Re: ''all in one board''

I think Soundload might mean, a motherboard with built in sound and video.

If thats right, then if you want to play games, then no, as the chips in these motherboards are not powerful enough, though might play the odd game at low settings if your not really bothered about them, and so if you'll just use standard Windows programs, they aren't bad at all.

The sound chips can be okay too, but there are alot of poor ones.

I'd advise, if your serious about music, to get a specalist card as well for sound as you'll notice a difference straight away, though the onboard sound on motherboards for most people is sufficent.
Many come with 7.1 surround sound options, etc,
though these chips actually eat power from your system, and so for instance, I've had one that when the CPU's using power, the sound jumps, etc, because its taken as a secondary function, which is annoying... plus the quality of mine wasn't too great.

If you do decide to go this root, try and find a Creative sound chip, rather than a RealTek, etc, as these will probably run okay.


Make sure though that as well as these features, you get a board with expandability, and not one that'll have to be replaced as soon as you want to change something.

For instance, if you think you might want a new video card in the next year or so if you do decide to play games, then make sure you get one with a 16x PCI-E slot for new PCI-E video cards.

Also make sure it handles the latest processors, for instance, with AMD, it'll be a socket 939 board.

Also, look for any other features you might want. For instance loads of USB ports, or firewire ports for accessories.
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Default Re: ''all in one board''

All in one board also hogs your main CPU and memory creating a performance hit. Especially when you are doing multiple things at once. The advantages are a cheaper priced motherboard. I think that's the only advantage.
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