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Default Re: For all the AMD fans

Originally Posted by ownage
There is a difference when going from DDR to DDR2, DDR2 by itself provides more memory bandwidth than DDR. Sure the latencies are high, but the bandwidth makes up for it. Thats why AMD said they will support DDR2-800 because they noticed that using DDR2-667 doesnt provide enough bandwidth and their processors take a hit with the latencies.
Tis true. DDR2 has a higher bandwidth, but that's all AM2 is. it's just a conversion from DDR to DDR2, and new processors will just so happen to come out on it. Nothing big. It's what LGA775 was when Intel moved to it from Socket 478, just a memory conversion and really nothing more.

From my perspective, I think people are making AM2 out to more then it really is. It's nothing big or fancy, it's just a motherboard that uses DDR2. Until AMD launches the K10 architecture, don't expect to see any vast improvements over Socket 939 then it's memory area.

Socket 939 still has life...and lots of it. It has the ability to support a lot of RAM, dual core CPUs, SLI/CrossFire, SATA II, basically everything on the market with the exception to DDR2. Which is where AM2 comes in, to fill in that DDR2 gap.

What will be interesting to see is how DDR3 performs. Will it have a higher latency yet greater bandwidth like DDR2, or low latencies and low bandwidths? Or just be flat out insane and combine the best of both world's into one relative package?

But what will be interesting to see is how the Athlon 64 X2 5000+ fairs against the FX-60. I think that the X2 5000+ coupled with DDR2 memory might be able to push ahead of the FX-60, although that is very much debatable. In either case, AMD needs a new product line up, the X2 and A64 as well as Opteron and Sempron are kind of getting old. I'd like to see an entirly new processor series instead of a remake of an exsisting line up/series.

But like others have said, as AMD makes the move to DDR2, is Intel making the move to DDR3 or perhaps a new motherboard? Or will AMD make a new motherboard aside from AM2 that uses DDR2 and uses no pins, like Socket T (LGA775) does? Things in the CPU industry are getting bigger and much more interesting, it will be nice to see how Intel and AMD fair against each other as the multitasking and gaming industry constantly picks up and forces them to make faster, lower power consuming, and multi-processing/core CPUs. Only time will tell to see how long we have to wait.

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Default Re: For all the AMD fans

Originally Posted by ownage
If i were in a rush to get a computer i would wait for AM2 to come out and grab a nice S939 setup.
thats what im doing

ATHLON64 3200+ @ 2.2Ghz AM2. 2 x 512mb OCZ 800mhz ddr2 ram. EVGA 7600GT KO.

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