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Default Re: Alienware or Falcon NW or HP blackbird?

Originally Posted by TheLastWolf View Post
Ever thought of building your own?
He said he didn't want to but I think it's a good idea. With our help, you can order some kickass parts and have a really good machine. I mean, 2k on a desktop, that's enough money for E8400, 780i, 4gbs of ram, like 500GB @ 10k RPM + 2 8800GTS in sli (if i'm not mistaken). With a machine like that you're good to go. Then you can just have someone build it for you. Go to like bestbuy or something. Idk. But the point is. You can build a crazy ass computer for the price. Sorry for the language but I had to use it to express my thoughts correctly.

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Default Re: Alienware or Falcon NW or HP blackbird?

Go for the blackbird. Although you DO pay a big premium as opposed to even getting something from ibuypower.com or whatever, I guess in your case it might be worth it (Customer Service, big brand name, etc.)

A friend of mine has two blackbirds in his office and they are beasts. No problems either.

As far as hard drives go, the only way two hard drives will be better is that you'll have more storage. If you're into INTENSE gaming, I'd recommend a 10,000RPM main drive (such as the Western Digital Raptor) to run the games and Operating System off of, and then a secondary storage drive, like a 500gb hard drive of some sort.

A reliable gaming PC for YOU should last you for years with optimal cooling, great performance ALL the time, and a company that stands behind it in case something goes wrong.

My vote = Blackbird.

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Default Re: Alienware or Falcon NW or HP blackbird?

Originally Posted by Neodude112320 View Post
Yes but i honestly think that a PC would game Much better than a Mac running windows XP......
Like I said in the earlier post, there are no compromises when running Windows on a Mac. Macs will run Windows as if it was another PC with the same configuration.

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