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Default Ahhhh!

Hello all. I desided that my Dell 4500S was old and not cutting it for my computer needs. I desided to get upgraded and build my own computer. I got everything hooked up today and it runs smooth. I do have a problem though. *Note, I am not that computer literate so be kind please.* I have a ASRock Mobo, AMD Athalon 64 3200+. I did get a new video card but all I can tell you about it is that it is an Asus (It was given as a gift in the wrong vid card box). It works flawlessly except....It will not start in regular mode for windows. I checked everything in safemode and it seemed fine. Windows found new hardware and started to install it. It started to look for "ethernet controller" and would stop there. So after a few minutes of frustration and multiple attempts to have it find it, I quit that hardware install. Next, I installed the sound for the mobo and it worked perfectly. It tried to load windows normally but guess what, didnt work. I ran safe mode again and started looking at the drivers. Well i found out that the "Ethernet Controller" is having a problem. I tried to reinstall it and it didnt work. I am starting to move out and moving stuff arround has misplaced things so, I cannot find my Windows cd's. Anyone know of how to fix this? If not, can you point me in the right direction of someone who could fix it? Thanks!

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Default Re: Ahhhh!

install the drivers for the video card?? go on the net after you find out what card you have. i dont know how to find that if you dont have drivers.

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Default Re: Ahhhh!

Ok let me rephrase. I installed the audio flawlessly (built in audio on this mobo). When I go to install the (I guess its mobo itself) it says its looking for the ethernet controller. I did this: Control Pannel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Ethernet Controller. It says that the device is not working properly and has a problem. Does that help or do you still need the video card type?
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Default Re: Ahhhh!

NOt really understanding if your problem is the video card, or the Ethernet. Is your ethernet onboard or do you have a network card installed?

You may want to put in the CDs that came with your products, install them on Windows and see how it runs.

But I call you saying you lost your XP CDs, does that mean you are trying to reinstall Windows(?) or you just want to have the CDs just incase? If all else fails and you absolutly need an operating system, you can try Linux. I suggest Fedora Core 4 from Redhat.


I use it and it's a wonderful operating system. It's free, and can do a lot of things Windows can do. Plus you don't have to be a computer geek to use it. Which is nice for those people that don't know a whole lot about computer programming and things liek that. plus, if you ever get into a problem, you can just search the forums here at...


I got all my installation problems fixed from that site. They're very resourceful and willing to help. Plus you have a lot of people here who can help.

But since your problem isn't an operating system problem, but rather a networking problem. What you may want to do is try using a different cable to see if you get any connection ot your modem or router depending on what you're doing. If that checks out to be OK, then what I would do is go into Windows, try to have Windows search for drivers go doing this...

Hold down the Windows Key on your Keyboard, then press the Pause/Break key while holding down the Windows key. Then from there do the following...

Click on the Hardware Tab>Device Manager, then select your Network Adapter, and click on whichever adapter it displays. Then click on the Driver Tab at the top of the window, and select Update Driver and do whatever the instructions tell you to do.

Then get back to us on whatever it did.
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