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Default Re: AHHH Comcast is so terrible!


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AHHH Comcast is so terrible!
I was just on the phone w. comcast to try to get my internet sorted out. In the past few months, randomly the internet wont work for minutes at a time, download speeds will be at 6kb/s frequently, and when I call, they tell me to do the SAME THING every time!

So I call today and the support guy says "we can send somebody over but we probably won't be able to find the problem"


So my question, does anyone know of any HIGH SPEED internet providers in Bedford, NH (zip code: 03110) --- anything cable or faster is what I'm looking for. Im so fed up with this!


PS: is DSL basically as fast as cable?
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how crap does that company sound!!!!! there send someone over but they probably wont find the problem! thats like saying we will glance but we wont look for it. if the company has that attitude then as soon as new compition arrives i would get out of there! keep shouting at them, just remember the louder it is the more likly someone will hear you. let us know hwat happens when someone comes around to look at the line.

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Default Re: AHHH Comcast is so terrible!

I usually get max bandwidth in my neighborhood. Everyone's too poor to afford the $60 a month cable internet fee where I live. I love it. More bandwidth for me

Yes, keep complaining. Call different numbers and have them come out and let them do whatever it takes to get it solved. They shouldn't charge you a penny.

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Default Re: AHHH Comcast is so terrible!

I have Verizon Yahoo! DSL and it sucks the crapper. Check this out: I install the modem, router, connect my PC and my other PC, start them up. Go on the internet, get good bandwidth. Then two hours later, BOOM it takes a HUGE crap. I go from 477.7 to 34.2 kp/s. Worse then my old Dial Up. So I give them a call the other day, then they won't even tell me how to repair the bandwidth, instead they say, well you need to register an account. So I told them, Hey I used that CD of yours and it just hung there at the Testing COnfiguration screen for over an hour. So link me here, http://account.verizon.net I think that was it. So I do everything, get my username and p/w then I fill out all those stupid forms. Now comes time to send my validation out. So it just hangs there, for over an hour and a half. Now there is NO WAY IN HELL it takes over an hour in a half to send a stupid form to Verizon. Not even on a 28.8 kb/s dial up connection. Gosh verizon is just crap in my humble opinion.

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