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Default Re: Affordable (but decent) video cards

The difference is that ATI is the actual official producer of the X800, and is usually more expensive. Other brands make duplicates of it with their own options and specifications. What to look for is pixel pipelines, memory speed, and basically bigger numbers. The X800 comes in different versions, one with 8 pixel pipelines, 12, and i think 16, the bigger the better. Also, 128 or 256mb memory, bigger is yet again better. The X700, is one version lower than the X800, basically the X800 is better. PCI-Express is twice as fast as AGP.

HD 4870
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Default Re: Affordable (but decent) video cards

Alright, thanks a lot for the help so far.
I didn't really want to spend more than $150 or so, and I was getting ready to buy an x700Pro, but now that I've noticed the x800GTO2 has come out, I'm not entirely sure spending that $219 would be such a bad idea.
If I were To buy the x800GTO2, how long could I expect it to last before having to upgrade it? And what about if I bought an x700Pro instead? (which from newegg is $129)
Also, could anyone give me some kind of performance comparison between the x700Pro, x800Pro, x800GTO2 and Geforce 6600?

Again, thanks a lot for the help

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