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Old 05-24-2005, 12:45 AM   #1
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Default Advice please

Im looking to buy a computer asap. But first, I want to know if its really cheaper to just build the computer myself. I have windows xp available already, and I have basic electrical and great mechanical skills.

I was hoping some of you could maybe refer me to any websites that have alot of information for someone like me.

I need to decide on what brands to go with or avoid, and wether or not to get a laptop, etc.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Default Re: Advice please

Actually, buying a complete PC from companies like Dell or Compaq can be much cheaper than building one yourself. The good thing about a do-it-yourself build is the satisfaction you get with every component. It is guaranteed top of the line, if you want it that way. Look on the Dell website and you'll be amazed how cheap their complete systems ar these days and performance is pretty good too.


or higher end with this:


If you want a fast gaming computer or a PC that needs a lot of power and speed (bragging rights), build it yourself and you'll save a lot of money. It you are just using it for basic use and multimedia stuff, then buy a complete system retail.

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Default Re: Advice please

It is cheaper to buy the lower end computers for every day computing needs. But then you are going to spend more later on in repair and down time costs than what you will for building your own. The branded systems are extremely proprietary and are going to get even worse within the next year.
Also you must take in the fact that they are not truely upgradable either and what is advertised is not really what you maybe getting as they have shown to use lower end cpu's and overclocked to higher speeds.
For the extra $$$ spent on your own build you truely get a system that is upgradable and stock for ease of repair and replacement. Along with the original M$ install disc that will allow more options for repairs than a manufacturer's restore disc that you get from branded systems.
The down side is that you don't get all the little add-on programs that come with branded systems.
The up-side is that you are free from malware/spyware when you build your own.
The truth about most bought programs...there is a free one that works as good if not better as there are a lot of dedicated people that truely believe that these things should be free for use.
A nice over all computer with a 17' monitor that will play most of all the games out there can be built for
about $800(us) less for just day to day computer usage ($600us) actually just put a system together for someone less monitor for $420 (no frills) but upgradable. you want a high speed gamer $1300-1500.
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Default Re: Advice please

acutally, i thought that it was cheaper to build your own, because you can use the parts that you want to, not use cheap ones and get charged more, and not have to pay for assembly and shipping (if u dont by offline). building custom mades i thought were always cheaper... correct me if im wrong though. ohy eah though, i see. yeah, cheaper for just regular use, only u have to think about the future. what u buy today could be useless in one year, at the rate the technology is improving, every 18 months. but a comp with a celeron cpu, 256 mb ram, 40 g hard drive, integrated graphics and a crt will be extremely obselete very soon. there next gerneation is all about 64 bit processing, so i recommend an amd. cheaper cpus, cooler, and faster. newegg.com/ best place for all needs for comps. how much can u spend? it all depends...
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