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Default Advanced Troubleshooting?

Hey guys, not new to the board I used to go by Ace777 but lost old email/account. Going to get back on this forums again so may as well do it with a new name . Hope everyone is doing well, its been a WHILE. Anyways, got a nasty repair problem and just need to make sure everything is right, this is for a good friend of mine and I really don't want to have them pay for a part they don't need.

This laptop was dropped, while it was off, inside a cloth case. When you power it on, the fans spin up in full and will stay on. Get a charge light, no HDD activity light, and power light. Screen stays completely black. I have tested the hard drive and its mountable in windows, tried a different RAM module (not 100% that it was working or not) but still nothing. Tried an external monitor and can't get a display, I have pulled the laptop apart and don't see any visible damage. Finally I tried the power off/BIOS battery for 60 seconds trick and still nothing. Thoughts? I was thinking of just replacing the mobo as its probably the video card, going to try and fish up some RAM that I know works to rule that part out. Thanks guys!

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Default Re: Advanced Troubleshooting?

anyone got any ideas?

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Default Re: Advanced Troubleshooting?

I agree that it's probably a mobo issue but doubt it has to do with the video since you don't see any hdd activity. Can you hear whether the hdd is spinning up or trying any seeks? If the video is the issue then the hdd should still be attempting to load the OS.

You said you tested the hdd and found that it was mountable in Windows, were you able to read files after it was mounted?

I assume when you took the laptop apart you checked that the cpu fan/heat sink was still attached securely and there were no cables/connectors jostled loose and that you properly attached all those cables/connectors when you re-assembled.
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Default Re: Advanced Troubleshooting?

Can not see it being the hard drive at this stage as you are getting no post try changing the processor to a known good one first as as you said already check the memory it could be the motherboard or any 5 major componeints at this stage

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Default Re: Advanced Troubleshooting?

Memory and video cards should both give beep codes from the bios to indicate problems.

Having had the same kind of symptoms before, (though after over heating) I'd suspect the processor first.

given that it was dropped it seems likely that some part could have been stressed and an electrical component connection is now broken.

I would doubt that it's anything that could be easily replaced!
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