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Default Adding a Monitor

Hello All, i have a question, I have a quadro fx 3400 and ATM I have one 19 inch LCD and a 17 inch LCD, I'm thinking of a 30" dell LCD and I would like to keep my 19 inch hooked up. Now I know the dell takes 2 ports and I can't drop the money for another quadro in SLI. and i was thinking maybe i could hook up a differnt GPU, like a 7900GT, I was searching for some more info and came across this thread
here’s a snippet
IF you arent running SLI then YES you can run two diff video cards even if they're ati on any motherboard with more than one pci x16 slot. will they display a diff image?...NO...BUT you can extend your desktop to that display or choose whichever one you want to make the main display. How do i know this?well because i'm building rack mount 3u machines for a company that requires a x800gt and an nvidia video card...they're being built on A8N-SLI Deluxe and i've done four of them so far. SO YES...HAVE FUN....but if you're going to use the 7950 i'd make that video card the main display for your games...then extend your desktop to the monitor connected to the 7600gt and drag ur applications over into that window so that you can use them there....while you game on the 7950 =)

If this is possible, then will I see the same thing on both screens? i.e. same icons? windows and such? or will it act the same as when you hook up two screens to the same card (As an extension of the screen)? Also does anyone know if there would be any driver problems? thanks for any help

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Default Re: Adding a Monitor

ok, Im trying to make this work, I have 2 dif. cards (I have a post, Dual Monitor(ing)) From the shots I saw I think you just ave another desktop.. its empty and if you want icons you have to drag them onto it... thats what I've seen.
However, I have no idea from first-hand experience because when I click extend desktop, then apply, the extend desktop box unchecks itself. So for some reason my doesnt work.
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