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Default Adding a GPU to an older computer

Hi, there I'm looking to buy a couple of Video cards for 2 of my computers.

Computer 1
Pegatron IPMEL PRC Motherboard
Intel Pentium dual core 2 processor 2.6GHz
4GB Ram
Running Linux

Computer 2
MS-6787 (v1.X) M-ATX Motherboard
Pentium 4 Processor 2.5GHz
2GB Ram

Could anybody recommend me on what GPU's are best for these. I'm thinking about a 2GB Graphics card for the first computer but I'm not sure if 2GB graphics would be to much or to little. Even though the video output is very good on the built in video chip I'd still like to get the best video card or something close so that it will have plenty of life for the next coming years.

The second computer is an old Pentium 4 so I'm limited to what I can put in that one and it has to be a low profile Graphics card. The video output on this computer isn't that great when your online and watching a youtube video on it just isn't going to happen so I'm hoping I could improve that with a better video card and also just to extend the life of the computer a bit more.

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Default Re: Adding a GPU to an older computer

You should read the sticky on this sub-forum. There is not much more than that to say about graphics cards. If yo have doubts about compatibility, post the model you are thinking of here and we can help you out.

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Default Re: Adding a GPU to an older computer

Do they have built-in video on them? For what do you want to use them?

The first comp supports modern video cards so just get the cheapest PCI-E card you can get as it is a dual core comp and can't get along with med or high range video cards. That will only help with high definition videos and with 2D and old and very low detailed 3D games. More than that and you will need a quad core CPU. Being being with Linux, I don't think you have much of video game uses here.

The second comp supports AGP 4x and that's gonna be hard to get now since it got discontinued way back. Not sure if even the best AGP 4x card can play high definition videos.

With the limitations you have, 1GB is the best you can make use of.
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Default Re: Adding a GPU to an older computer

What slots are available and what monitor? VGA right?

Like SG says, 1 gig video memory is plenty. Both my i3 and i5 systems have 1 gig video cards and I do fine.

I'm not into heavy gaming though. My i3 has the HD6670 and my i5 has the HD 7770 cards.

They're both 128 bits though. Much better graphics than 64 bits like the onboards.
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