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Old 06-14-2008, 10:23 PM   #1
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Default actually buying a mac.. in store?

i asked awhile ago on here about what config to purchace for an imac, but apple has since then changed their configuration choices, and i really like the new options, so i went to the site and am satisfied with this mac
the site says "now up to 3.06GHz", so idk how 'new' these setups are (the new speed, and graphics card - which is nvidia again so i like that), but would they be in stores? how do you actually buy one? i know it sounds really stupid, but i just dont know, the only apple store around here is in a nice mall, but is it like circuit city/best buy? they just have em how they have em, take em or leave em? or just they have various setups? im asking about the latter because since they really only have 6 types, so what do they fill the store with? lol i feel really stupid asking this, but i dont want to have to settle for an older model just because i cant order anything online.. is there any other way to get a custom/similar setup otherwise? btw, this is going to have to last me 2.5 years at this college for graphic design program, and 2 more at the college i transfer to after that, thats why i want the most up-to-date model without having to upgrade.. kinda a ramble question from confusion lol but really have no clue, thanks for any help, however simple this may be lol

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Default Re: actually buying a mac.. in store?

well, i recommend you go to an apple store and "test drive" your model your looking at. If you are looking for graphics, pick up an imac, they have great gpu's, it will fit your needs at college. After checking it out in store, order there, or online. Personally i'd just buy in store, with no complications. It will last you, just dont beat it up, haha. they have a great OS and good customer service. my macbook has been great, got it in store

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Default Re: actually buying a mac.. in store?

thanks for the reply.. im definately going with a 24-inch iMac, but do they have the new ones in store tho? eventho an older model may seem fine in store, idk what it'll be like when using adobe creative suite software, so i just wanna get the best i can find just to be sure it'll cover future software and such. i know the obvious answer is to just go and find out, but its not really that close, and with gas prices the way they are, i dont want it to be a waste of time lol
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Default Re: actually buying a mac.. in store?

Always call the Apple store before making a trip out there. You can find a local dealer on Apple's website.

I had to make around 15 calls to find a Macbook with a glossy screen at a local retailer.
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