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Old 01-26-2005, 12:37 PM   #1
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Default Activating XP on MY 2nd computer

I got my new system all up and running, and I planned on using my XP disk from my first computer. I thought there was something in the license saying that you could install the OS on another computer providing you uninstall it on the original computer first.

So my question is, its been over a year since we've had XP on the family computer. However, the family computer is now on the other side of the country with the family lol. Can I activate that XP disk (which is loaded on that computer) on mine without uninstalling on the original? Or if I went online and activated the new one, would it give me some kind of message saying I'm illegally using the same copy on another computer or something. Can Microsoft know if you are using 1 OS disk on 2 different computers? I just really hope I don't have to spend another 100 bucks for XP.

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first off-where did u get XP for a hundred bucks???
also they wont do anything it might be illegal actually im pretty sure it is but they cant really put a lawsuit on u cuz its illegal for them to find out and dont worry about it some ppl buy a copy and use it for 2 or 3 of their home computers i guess it isnt legal but the FBI isnt gonna come knocking on ur door

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Default Re: Activating XP on MY 2nd computer

You can put XP on 2 computers that you own without problems. After that it is "illegal". Like Computergen said FBI isn't going to come and get you for putting it on 3+ PCs. They go after the people who put it on 100s and then sell them out!
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