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Default acer won't turn on

hi my parents have a acer Aspire5745g and when we tried to put it on it froze at startup and won't go any further than when you first turn on the computer and it displays acer it froze there. we held the power button to turn off and we turned it back on. we then had a message come up on screen saying "they recommended starting computer with windows repair because it wasn't shut down properly" then before i could choose anything it clicked on "start windows with windows repair" and it then suddenly shut down. and we haven't been able to turn on the computer since. we hit the power the button lights up but then shuts off and we cant get it to turn on at all. i was wondering if anyone has expierenced a problem like this or knows what it might be? i tried changing the battery because there was always a red x over it saying recommended changing the battery so we got a new one but still won't turn on. any help would help. thanks

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Default Re: acer won't turn on

Wow where to start...
My money's on it got dropped.
However, it could be just a corrupted drive. The easy fix is to format the drive and reinstall the operating system.
As for the red X over the battery could mean it's gone bad. But 2 years is kinda young for a battery to go south. The new battery fresh from the factory doesn't have much of a charge on it and needs to be charged overnight.

Considering that laptop design is only 2 years old, it shouldn't be giving you much trouble. If it got dropped or even got wet, that would explain that sort of behavior.

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Default Re: acer won't turn on

From experience with Acer Aspire laptops in the past most if not all of them have suffered from overheating GPU's and this led to them either not starting up again or shutting down randomly. Basically they are designed really bad on the inside when it comes to thermal cooling via heat-sinks etc.

I found from opening them up and with some close inspection that the materials either warp under the heat over a short period of time leaving gaps beteen the surface of the GPU and the heat-sink or the actual GPU solder points come away from the motherboard.

I have tried both the heatgun trick on many and this was really only a temporary fix and i have also tried using copper shims to elevate the gaps between the surface of the GPU and heat-sink. The same failure accord after a while so this leads be to believe that it is just all down to bad design/parts.

2 years may not be a long life-span for a laptop on average but Acer's are just really bad build quality.

On the topic of your battery giving you grief i would try (If you can or haven't already) taking the battery out and running it off the power supply and see if it stays running longer. Apart from that they're just not worth having them repaired or paying for new parts.

Good luck anyway
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