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Default Acer monitor error 'input not supported'

Hey guys, I just joined to hopefully get help with this question. I've tried the ol' googling with similar but not similar enough results. I have marginal computer skills but will try to explain well.
Issue: Monitor displaying 'input not supported' on default resolution 1360x768
Hardware: Acer P186H monitor, hp pavilion mx70(secondary only being used for troubleshooting purposes,)
Running windows 7 home premium.

Earlier this evening I changed my resolution setting on the Acer and the screen gave me the error message above. Fortunately I can remember how to shut down the computer using the keyboard. Google people generally say to reboot the system in safe mode and change resolutions, so I booted in safe mode and the monitor still displayed the error...black screen, input not supported. So I busted out the old Hp pavilion mx70 and attached it as a secondary. This helps navigate around without getting stuck with a black screen on the Acer. With both attached the acer will not support the 1360x768 at the 60hz google people recommend. It will support lower amounts like 1024x768, which I can live with.. but heres the kicker.. its not supporting anything independently now. If I have the acer suitable to use it will go right back to input not supported if I remove the hp pavilion. wtf I say! Its also supporting the highest selectable 1600x1200 without going black, not independentally, but at that res setting the error message is floating aross the screen, just the screen isnt black that time. If anyone can help, yay! I think the hardware may be damaged or something though.

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Default Re: Acer monitor error 'input not supported'

Problem resolved. No idea what happened really, enough messing around fixed it.

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Default Re: Acer monitor error 'input not supported'

Honestly, when it comes to video and resolution the best luck I've had "fixing" it is just to mess around.

Usually you'll end up getting it sorted that way.
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