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Default Access Desktop from Laptop w/o monitor

Ok so i wasnt sure where to put this since im new on the forums and because it covers many areas, but here it is: I was just given a older desktop and the monitor i have isnt working so i was wondering if there was a way i could ook it to my laptop either via crossover or as a VM or something. because i want to install a different OS on the desktop. Because i believe thats the reason the monitor wont work with the computer. the video card is working and the monitor works. Im just a little confused. I think installing the OS would clear it up. But again, im not really sure.

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Default Re: Access Desktop from Laptop w/o monitor

Does it display a BIOS splash screen? If not, the issue issue is most likely hardware. If it does display a splash screen, then just pop in the install CD, boot it, and go from there.

You say the video card works, but not in this computer. Are you sure the video card is enabled in the BIOS, and is getting adequate power? Does the board have an IGP? If so, pull the video card and plug the monitor into the IGP. Try other video ports.

This is gonna sound really stupid, but are you sure the monitor is plugged into the video card and not the IGP? I've actually seen this a few times.

To answer your original question, it wouldn't be possible to use RDP/VNC/whatever to install an OS. It is something that has to be set up within the operating system. The only way you'd be able to view it in its current state is if some form of remote desktop is already set up, and you can figure out the login info.

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Default Re: Access Desktop from Laptop w/o monitor

If you aren't getting any video to the monitor hooked directly to the computer, you have hardware issues. Installing a new OS will not solve the problem simply because an OS install can't be done without video to the monitor. As foothead said, check the connections to make sure you aren't plugged into the integrated graphics port instead of the video card port. Seen it done, and I've done it myself several times. If the computer doesn't even post or beep, there's a good chance the motherboard is dead. Seen it plenty of times and I go into denial every time it happens. lol
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