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Default Re: 9800gtx?

Haha yeah, that is true actually.

However much you spend, you'll always end up spending more later, when new technologies arrive, your new cards, even if they can run games with high resolutions with okay frame rates, your losing out on the next Direct X, etc, etc , etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc


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Default Re: 9800gtx?

But the question is, just how much of an improvement are we actually paying for? As far as the 8000 series Nvidia GPU vs the 7000 series I have, I honestly don't see that much difference when the playing the games I own (latest version of Quake, Doom, Unreal Tournament, NFSU, NBA Live series, AOE3, Rise of Nations). Maybe the new games out now that use DX10 and such may see a slight improvement.

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Default Re: 9800gtx?

Even when you do upgrade your card in 2 years your going to need to upgrade your processor again as well. They should just make game consoles upgradeable and sell for a loss like they always do lol. Make 1 new GPU with higher embedded ram half way through the lifecycle that way it makes it less complicated to upgrade the console and have no competition in which upgrade you should get. Make it like $50-100 and sell all new systems with it built in. I guess it did happen before with N64's expansion pack but it would make sense overall because then even the PC industry would improve because of cross platform titles being able to press the limits a little higher.
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Default Re: 9800gtx?

Originally Posted by OTSS View Post
Thing that bugs me about all the new video cards is that games run on them perfect for maybe a year or 2 then if you want the game too look beutiful and run great you need to upgrade again for another $600 Maybe we should just stick to game consoles and invest $600 or less every 4-5 years

Yeah.. but heres an example. Go play Half-Life 2 on PC, then go play it on XBox.

I guarantee you'll hate playing it on the xbox.

Orange box for 360 should be good though.

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