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Default 6870 vs 5850 ?

I can get a 6870 for about $50 more than the 5850, but if it's not going to do me any good i may as well go with the 5850. Not knowing a lot about them tho i can't make a very informed decision myself, and i need to order the remainder of parts for a new build today. So i could sure use some help deciding. (want to stay with ATI too by the way) I do game a good bit, but mostly casual/SP. build will be as follows....

i5 2.88Ghz quad core
gigabyte P55 mobo
120GB patriot SSD
22" 1650x1080

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Default Re: 6870 vs 5850 ?

They are almost parity in some games, but something to consider is that the 6870 is a later revision product, has more features, and attractively enough, has a lower power requirement than the 5850. Given a choice between the two, I would definitely pick the 6870.

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Default Re: 6870 vs 5850 ?

also even though gets very similar performance to the 5850, the 6870 is meant to be a lot smoother, like how Nvidia gpus have hardly any issues/ glitches, the 6000 range has far less than the 5000 range
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Default Re: 6870 vs 5850 ?

Another pro is if you plan on going multi-GPU down the line, the 6xxx series cards scale much, much better than the 5xxx cards, which were, quite frankly, awful.

Also, for what reason do you want to stay with ATi, in the price range of a 5850/6870, a GTX460 would be the better option, performance is practically equal, and can exceed both when overclocked, the card is a heck of a lot smaller and you get PhysX on top of that which, if you play games which utilise PhysX, will give you a massive performance increase and better visual/physics effects
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