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Default Re: 6600GT Heating Problems

Yeah, you want a very thin and even layer of Arctic Silver 5.

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Old 12-23-2005, 02:19 AM   #22
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Default Re: 6600GT Heating Problems

...Dang, I hate typos. I wrote "think"... instead of thin. Haha, that's funny, it is a complete cross between thick and thin. But I put a very thin layer of Arctic Silver 5 ONLY on the GPU (metal part)! I also spread it around evenly and temperatures went down a tad. I'm running about 58 degrees Celsius idle now.

What temperature does the diode measure? I'm pretty sure that it's measuring the GPU itself, right? It doesn't measure the memory temperature, does it? Or is it a general card readout?

You say the 6600GT downclocks when it gets too hot... I had a funny feeling that it might do this. It is really quite strange, sometimes when I glance at the RivaTuner readout, there will be short periods where the card goes down to 300 MHz from 500 MHz... But, when it was at 98 degrees (isn't that some band, now that I think about it?) it was at 500 MHz! However, I think this has something to do with that I was using the V-Tuner 2 to overclock until I read 99Nasha's Sticky (props to you bud, thanks) about overclocking and now I'm using the clock settings menu in my Nvidia Display menu by right-clicking on the desktop. I have it back up to 500/1000 again to see what goes on with it, and I'll get RivaTuner to record me playing a bit of Half-Life 2 for a while and see if the clocking ever changes. If it does... then I know something's up.

Also, why do some cards heat up more than others? And I mean the same brand and type of cards too! I've read that this card actually usually keeps quite cool from reviews, running at around 42 degrees idle and going up to about 70 degrees under load! There was ONE other review that was similar to the temperatures I get; and even his weren't quite as high as mine. The idle was about the same but the highest he said his got to was about 85 degrees.

And my question still goes unanswered: do higher graphic quality games make GPU's heat up faster and heat up more? Say, if I played A.V.P. 2 compared to Half-Life 2 (both of which I own)... Would it heat up more under Half-Life 2? I'm guessing that it would since that game really has some spectacular graphics going for it (which, amazingly, I can run at pretty much all high settings! I was proud of the compy ).

Thanks for the input guys. Glad to see that the forum has become even more helpful in the time of my absence!

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Default Re: 6600GT Heating Problems

Haha, so I was up until 3 in the morning last night experimenting with my computer! Fun night! I always enjoy a little experimenting. Gives me a rush.

Anyways... I'll start with the relevant stuff. I decided to detect the maximum temperature that my Gigabyte 6600GT AGP (with a fan ) during AquaMark3. During the Large Scale Vegetation Rendering phase (which is always a toughie...) the temperature hit 85 degrees. Now, I was wondering if any other fellow 6600GTer's would be willing to log their temperatures and run AquaMark3 for me to see what your temperature would be compared to mine.

Now for the unrelevant stuff: My other temperatures seem to be going down! My processor temperature (since I overclocked) did increase a bit, but the motherboard temperature didn't budge past 30 degrees Celsius during AquaMark3! Usually it'll go up quite a few degrees higher than that in intense applications. I'll have to see what it goes up to during a game, or something.

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