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Default Re: 6600GT or 6800 GS

Originally Posted by r_moore04
i wouldnt of thought it was a waste of money, if havin 2 6600 GT's is better (like ppl have said) then i would go with SLI'ing 2 6600GT's
I guess if you're thinking about the future, it might be better to just get the 6800GS. Although 2 X 6600GTs will give better results, it won't be significant. When new games come out that require better graphics support then go ahead and throw another 6800GS in there and you will be set for a while longer.

If you can sell your 6600GT (i know marxsoccer is looking for one btw) and buy the 6800GS then the price difference isnt going to be much.

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Default Re: 6600GT or 6800 GS

Originally Posted by joepic
sli the 6800's ...lmao ..i think you'll probly need a 500w psu to even do that.

what games are u going to be playing anyway?
iv got a 500watt psu, but its not a ATX2.2 soo i need 2 change it, and its 4 games like BF2, UT2007 (wen its comes out)

2 6600GT's would be ok 4 now, but i would say in the next 6 or 7 months then i would change 2 6800 GS, i see wot ppl r sayin. i could sell me 6600GT and get the 6800 GS then wen i have some more money get another 6800 GS and SLI it

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