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Default Re: 4GB - enough, but for how long?

the E8200 is clocked at 2.66Ghz, and since Intel chips can overclock fairly easy and still run the designated temps when overclocked to 3.0Ghz. Though i would suggest an aftermarket HSF, but its not required.

Yes, OCZ is considered high quality RAM, i think the OCZ Platinum and OCZ Reapers are the best in OCZ, but when get RAM, try to get them clocked at 800Mhz or higher if you want to OC a lot, and CAS4.
Though if you dont overclock, your RAM speed should run at 800Mhz, when you OC its best to set it to an 1:1 Ratio, and then the RAM will only run at 667Mhz until you start to increase the FSB (Overclocking)
My ratios is 3:2, so my CPU isnt bottlenecking my RAM, and its running at 800Mhz as it should.

4GB of RAM is only needed if you are using Vista, and if you want to use all, use the 64bit Vista.

I had an DFI board, and it overclock like a charm, my friend also had an DFI board, it looks sweet, OC easily and well. But i havent kept in touch with DFI for awhile, so i dont know how well they are doing, but i am assuming they should be doing the same.

I have the E7200, and its a pretty sweet processor, pretty fast too.
The difference between the E7xxx series and the E8xxx series is that the E8xxx series has double the cache, so it would operate faster, and its really good compared to gaming.

But i settled with the E7200 because it was $100 at Micro Center. The one they had better was either a quad core or the E8400 which was $60 more. I just dont think its worth it. An E7200 for $100 was hard to refuse.

I dont think these will last 2 years honestly, graphics cards seem to improve every year, then theres some new processors coming out for both AMD, and Intel, unless AMD is only going to release a new socket, and change the Memory controllers of the processor. I think in about a year or less, Quad cores will start being used more often. 4GB of ram should be enough.

If you want a board that can OC easily, i think the best so far is the P45 or the X48 chipsets, they are the newest one, they said the P35 OC well too, not sure how it compares to P45 chipsets, but it doesnt have an PCI-E 2.0 slot, not sure if you wanted it since there wont be any performance increase between the old PCI-E slots. The P35 chipsets are a bit outdated.

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Default Re: 4GB - enough, but for how long?

congratulations Teny.
great post.

I think It covers all up.
untill You use 32 bit Os 2 Gbyte is enough.

allso about ram memory.. For me brand is not realy importent, as long as
1. it has low latency
2. meets standards
3. don't find articles about it dieing fast
4. motherboard maker has it on its supported module list

//--> as for motherboards I like MSI, and ASUS. 2 makers I usualy use.
MSI has great info about memory compatibility, do wtch for it when buying ultra fast- ultra overpriced over mercandised rams. Some boards don't realy like them.

Most compatible ram I got accros was allways samsung. --> but its not a good preformer..

for running lotsof programs I usualy advise to buy a sata-cf adapter, the ones that can raid 2 cards. Thts a verry good swapdrive, just get 2 cf cards with minimum x233 speed. for vista this lil gadget makes quite a good performance. note: nothing else is to be stored on this device, just operating systems swap file (aka virtual memory)

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Old 10-07-2008, 02:44 PM   #33
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Default Re: 4GB - enough, but for how long?

Man, to be honest, I'm not going to read all of those replies. I just read the topic :P

For how long? I few years.. maybe 4.. sounds like a good number (At the rait we're going at) , but I'm sure someone else has already answered this question.

As for how much is being used.. I've read one for XP two for Vista. I don't know if you need to double everything for vista (4 for XP 8 for Vista) or if the two is a base for the OS. Meaning 2gb to run the OS pretty damn good and the rest is free.. (4 for xp and 5 for Vista...) I'm rambling arnt I?

I have 4gbs of ram. A quad Core Processor.. ah you can see my specs I guess. My video card, however, is not great, it was 30$.. I believe it's not in specs. But hey, I can run two World of Warcraft applications with no lag and three with little lag, but I believe the lag has to do with my video card and possibly my connection, but not likely.

So enough? Yes.. For how long? a few years..
How long ago was 1gb alot? It was the equavilant of 4gbs at one time.. and 1gb is still enough to run most games.

Just get a mobo that supports 8gb ram.. mine does. Of course in 2014 they may have DDRxyz ram, but I don't think it will make that much difference.


Last time I looked and build an apple pc it was 32gb ram


I don't know if I mentioned - When I'm running two World of Warcrafts all my ram isn't being used.. (And my computer is at 42o ... I'm so proud of my tuniQ tower!!!)
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Default Re: 4GB - enough, but for how long?

@wol-va-rine: is this gigabyte mb good for some overclock?
And what's the difference between GIGABYTE P35-DS3L iP35 and GIGABYTE P35-S3G 1.0?

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