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Originally Posted by DaveO
I usually keep my laptop plugged in, but I worry about possibly overcharging it. I unplug it usually for an hour and a half or so till it goes down to about 25% or so.
If you leave it on the charger all the time it will kill off you battery and it will be very lazy and rely on being plugged into power points all the time. Also try to run the battery flat every so often as it is good for it and charge it when not in use as it will charge up quicker..

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Default Re: 4 year old computer

I didn't say that right. I plug it in when I use it and then pull the plug about a half an hour before I am finished. The battery is lasting just under an hour now. I then charge it till it is full and unplug it. I didn't know if using it with it plugged in would overcharge it as it stays about full the whole time while doing that.
It's really not important now as I just bought a new Toshiba Satellite U845-S406 at Staples that has 6GB of Ram, a 500 GB HD, 32 GB SSD. It only runs a 1.7GHZ unfortunately, but it is not freezing up like the Compaq was with only 1GB of Ram.
The keyboard is not as nice as the Compaq, but I got it as it has Windows 7 on it instead of Windows 8. It also does not have a CD player as it is very thin and weighs just over 1/2 of the Compaq. I just bought an external CD USB player to install some of my existing software. The battery is advertised as 7 hr, but I got around 5 hr on it. I can always upgrade to Win 8 later if I choose.

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