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Default 3d set ups

hi sorry if this is a repost but i cant find anything about it, so i've got a high end pc and i'm looking into upgrading to a 3d set up, so what's a cheap 3d graphics card that can handle it well, and a cheap monitor?


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Default Re: 3d set ups

You won't find a cheap 3D setup anywhere. If it's what you want, expect to pay anywhere from $500-$800. It will also, to put it bluntly, look like crap. I have used quite a few types of 3D setups, and the only ones that work are the dual-projector polarized ones, which are extremely hard to make work, and cost a small fortune. As far as the commonly used options, there is the IZ3D monitor, which is probably the best of them, which uses polarized light to work. This one tends to have much less depth than you would expect, the colors tend to get funky, it murders framerate, and it will not work properly with crossfirex or sli. The next option is a 120Hz monitor and nvidia 3Dvision. This one works by active shuttering (switching between each eye, so at any time, only one eye sees the picture). This one gives much greater depth, but is a horrible, migraine-inducing experience. If you'ne ever gotten a headache from a CRT monitor or fluorescent lights, imagine that but about 100 times worse. Your third option is a 3D TV and a 3D driver. This also uses active shuttering at 120 Hz, so the issues are the same as 3Dvision. Last, there is good old anaglyph. This is the classic red/cyan or yellow/blue technique. It works with any hardware, and only needs a driver (iz3D). It also tends to give headaches, but you can expect to last about 30 minutes with this one. There is very little depth compared to other techniques, and the colors get badly skewed. I recommend it if you just want something to play with, since the glasses only cost a couple dollars online.

If you want something to substantially improve your gaming experience, I recommend looking into ATI eyefinity. It allows you to play games across three monitors, which gives you peripheral vision. I have it on three 28 inch monitors, and it beats the hell out of anything else I've tried, including gaming on a 47 inch TV and gaming on a 120 inch projector. Let me know if you want more info on this.
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