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Default 3 Monitor setup

hey my current setup only has two monitors but I'd like to get my 3rd one thats just sitting on my desk working...I only have one Video card and all 3 plugged into it but I gotta choose what two work

I tried putting in my older Video as a second card in my PC to run just the monitor but it didn't work

now do I need the same card as the one I already have for it to work

My MB and Vard
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti

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Default Re: 3 Monitor setup

You should be able to run two independent video cards. However, you should expect tons of driver conflict if you try to mix amd and nvidia. What is the secondary card? Are you sure the bios is set to enable both pci express slots?

Are you trying to do somethibg like amd eyefinity where a game spans across all screens or run them independently?

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Default Re: 3 Monitor setup

Most video cards that have multiple ports only allow 2 connections out. I have an AMD Radeon EyeFinity card and it needs a display port adapter for the third connection to work correctly.

You can have 2 different video cards in. Preferably they be the same type, since you have nvidia, get another nvidia. Since you said you put an older video card in, it may not be supported by your current OS if it's a legacy video card. For a third monitor you don't really need a powerful video card. You can get by with a basic nvidia card.
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